Master Builder

Our living room smells like oil paint and wood stain and I don’t care if the fumes are killing brain-cells I probably need. My new TV stand is finally finished and I’ve spent the morning sitting and staring at it. One, it’s stunning. Two, my husband made it. Three, did I mention it’s stunning?

My husband is a doctor by trade, but a carpenter at heart. We have a few other pieces that he’s made around our house and I feel the same about all of them. If he had the time to make furniture for every room in our house I might die from joy. He would tell you the flaws in every piece he’s made, but I only see the planning, time, splinters, patience, heart, and soul, that he’s put in each one. The big boy bed he made for Aaden when he outgrew the crib, the bookshelves and desk in Audrey’s room where she does her homework and pins up pictures of friends and family adventures, even the old bench out back that he turned into a swing. Every piece tells a story about him and our family. What phases our kids or we were in when he worked on them, what we needed, what new technique he was working on mastering, what obligatory new tool came with each creation.

“So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.” Gen 1:27

God, the master carpenter, created Adam and Eve and blessed them through multiplication, through generations of children, through fullness of life. We are all today of the same breath. Of the same dirt. Yet not carbon copies. We complete one another as we reflect the many attributes of God. Some showcasing glimpses of his strength, some of his grace, others of his creativity or his patience.

Collectively, we are the image of God.

It was not good for Adam to be alone. God’s solution was to create woman. Woman, different from man. Eve was a savior, deliverer and co-ruler with Adam; both created in God’s image. Today their offspring stretch across the globe, in third world countries and first world countries, where there is light and where the light has not yet found its way in. With those who look, walk, talk, think, vote, eat and pray like one another and with those who are in every way opposite.

To me, there is no single piece my husband has crafted that is more meaningful than the others. Not one piece that if the house were burning down I would rush to rescue before the rest. Not one, made from pricier wood or by more sophisticated or advanced tools, that is worth more than the others. The collection of the pieces and what they represent, together with our family, is what gives them their worth.

I treasure each piece and its story, but in the end, it’s just furniture.

How much more does God treasure his living, breathing, beautiful, collective, image reflective, creations?

Enough to send his Son who endured the cross for our sins.

Together, our differences, our nuances and our similarities make up the image of God.  Take some time to sit and stare.  One, it’s magnificent. Two, God made it. Three, did I mention it’s magnificent?





I know you’re curious, so here’s the TV stand. Drool, right???

TV stand